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Get Informed!

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Cat Café

1. What is a cat café?

A cat café is a unique establishment where guests can enjoy beverages and light refreshments in the company of adoptable cats. It provides a relaxed and cozy environment for both humans and felines to interact and socialize.

2. How does the cat café work?

Guests can visit the café during operating hours to enjoy drinks and snacks while spending time with the resident cats. The café will typically charge an entry fee of $5.00 to cover the cost of caring for the cats. Visitors can relax, play with the cats, and even adopt them if they form a special bond.


3. What types of cats will be at the café?

Our café partners with the Animal Protective League to provide a temporary home for adoptable cats. We welcome cats of all ages, breeds, and personalities, but our primary focus is on finding loving homes for shelter cats in need.


4. How do you ensure the well-being of the cats in your care?

The health and happiness of our feline residents are our top priorities. We provide a clean and enriching environment with plenty of space for the cats to roam and play. Our team of trained caregivers closely monitors the cats' behavior and provides regular care, socialization, and enrichment activities.


5. Can I bring my own cat to the café?

For the safety and well-being of our resident cats, we do not allow outside cats to visit the café. However, you are welcome to visit and spend time with the cats in our care during operating hours.


6. Are the cats available for adoption?

Absolutely! All of our resident cats are available for adoption. If you fall in love with a furry friend during your visit, our staff can provide information on the adoption process and help facilitate the adoption if desired.


7. Can I purchase food and drinks at the café?

Yes, we offer a selection of beverages and light refreshments for guests to enjoy during their visit. Proceeds from food and drink sales help support the care and maintenance of our cat residents.


8. Do you accept volunteers or donations?

Yes, we will welcome volunteers to assist with various tasks such as socializing cats, cleaning, and organizing for events. We also accept donations of supplies, funds, and other contributions to support our mission of providing a safe and loving home for cats in need. Please contact us for more information on how you can get involved!


9. Are you hiring?

While our Indeed job posting has closed, we are still accepting resumès via email ( Those who applied through Indeed will be given priority since we received a tremendous number of applicants. It may be some time, but we'll try to reach out to email applicants as soon as we can.


10. Do we need to reserve a time to visit ahead of time?

We plan to have a system for reservations, but will also allow walk-ins. We want to ensure everyone gets to see the kitties!


11. Will we have to sign a waiver?

We have prepared a waiver for everyone to sign before having fun with the cats. This won’t only protect the café, but it outlines helpful safety instructions on how to interact with the café cats.


12. Can we bring outside treats or catnip or will you have some on hand?

We won't want the cats to eat anything not provided by the café. We'll allow our guests to bring outside food for themselves, but won't want anything fed to the cats. We plan to offer cats treats for guests to attract cats and enhance their experience.


13. What are your hours?

We are open for limited hours so that we and the cats can get used to hosting visitors. Please be patient as we work to providing everyone the best experience possible while finding our cats their forever homes.

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